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Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds in 2024: Optimal Feeding for Active Aussies

The Australian Shepherd, renowned for its intelligence, energy, and herding prowess, requires a diet that matches its active lifestyle and specific breed needs. A well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet is key to maintaining their health, energy, and working ability.

Understanding Australian Shepherds’ Dietary Needs

Australian Shepherds are a breed characterized by their high energy and agility, traits that necessitate a diet rich in nutrients to sustain their active metabolism. They are prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and sensitivity to certain foods, which need to be considered when choosing their diet.

Key Nutrients for Australian Shepherds

  • High-Quality Protein Sources: Proteins are vital for muscle maintenance and overall health. Ideal dog foods for Australian Shepherds should list real meat as the first ingredient.
  • Balanced Fats and Carbohydrates: Fats provide necessary energy, while carbohydrates should be complex for sustained energy release.
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals: These support joint health, digestive health, and boost the immune system. Look for added glucosamine and chondroitin, especially for joint support.

Reviewing Top Dog Food Brands for Australian Shepherds

  1. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula
    • Pros: Grain-free, made with real roasted bison and venison, rich in protein.
    • Cons: May not be suitable for dogs with certain protein sensitivities.
    • Price: Around $50 for a 28-lb bag.
    • Purchase Options: Available in pet stores and online.
  2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food
    • Pros: High-protein formula, grain-free, enriched with LifeSource Bits for antioxidants.
    • Cons: Some dogs may be sensitive to chicken or grains.
    • Price: Approximately $55 for a 24-lb bag.
    • Purchase Options: Available in most pet retail stores and online.
  3. Orijen Original Dry Dog Food
    • Pros: Biologically appropriate, high in protein, contains fresh, whole animal ingredients.
    • Cons: Premium pricing.
    • Price: About $90 for a 25-lb bag.
    • Purchase Options: Available at select pet stores and online.
  4. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
    • Pros: Grain-free, high-protein formula with premium ingredients suitable for active breeds.
    • Cons: Higher price range.
    • Price: Around $68 for a 26-lb bag.
    • Purchase Options: Available in pet stores and online.
  5. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Australian Shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food
    • Pros: Tailored for Australian Shepherds, supports coat health, and is formulated for their specific energy needs.
    • Cons: Contains grains and by-products.
    • Price: Approximately $60 for a 30-lb bag.
    • Purchase Options: Widely available in stores and online.

Special Dietary Considerations for Australian Shepherds

Managing their weight is crucial, as obesity can exacerbate joint issues. A calorie-controlled diet, especially for less active individuals, is important. Foods rich in joint-supporting nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial.

Feeding Guidelines for Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds typically thrive on two meals per day. Portion control is important, and the amount fed should be based on their size, age, and activity level. When introducing a new diet, do so gradually over a week to prevent digestive issues.

Homemade Dog Food and Supplements

A homemade diet can be a good option for Australian Shepherds, especially if tailored to individual nutritional needs. Supplements like fish oil for coat health or joint supplements can be beneficial. Consulting a veterinarian or a pet nutritionist is advisable to ensure a balanced diet.

FAQs About Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

  1. How much should I feed my Australian Shepherd?
    • Follow the feeding guide on the dog food package, adjusted based on your dog’s weight and activity level.
  2. Are grain-free diets good for Australian Shepherds?
    • Grain-free diets can be beneficial, especially for dogs with grain sensitivities, but they are not necessary for all Australian Shepherds.
  3. What should I do if my Australian Shepherd is a picky eater?
    • Experiment with different flavors and textures. Sometimes, mixing wet food with dry kibble can make it more appealing.
  4. Can Australian Shepherds have a raw diet?
    • Some may thrive on a raw diet, but ensure it’s nutritionally balanced. Consult with a vet before switching.
  5. What are the signs that my Australian Shepherd’s food is meeting their nutritional needs?
    • Indicators include a shiny coat, healthy weight, good energy levels, and regular bowel movements.


Selecting the right dog food for an Australian Shepherd is crucial for their health and longevity. By understanding their unique dietary requirements and adjusting their diet to meet these needs, you can ensure your Aussie remains energetic, healthy, and happy.


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